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Identity Metrics’ (IDM) identity analytics platform collects and measures the behaviors of individuals interacting with electronic devices (behavioral-biometrics). It does this by creating and evaluating micro–distributions from various interactions in online environments and combining them to create a personal data signature of an individual or group. The IDM identity analytics platform is based on advanced algorithms that build sophisticated statistical signatures for individuals and for populations in online environments. A key feature of IDM’s algorithmic approach is the ability to integrate information about an individual from multiple sources.

Other devices such as smart-phones or tablets offer a multitude of different modalities for user input such as touchscreen and keypad interactions that can be captured and measured. IDM’s statistical algorithms provide a robust probabilistic foundation for combining such information from multiple noisy inputs to extract a distinct overall “signal” as the basis for such signatures. IDM’s modular software architecture enables application developers to combine, tune and weight inputs in a “plug and play” fashion to craft tailored software solutions for particular problems.

• Transparency: Deployment can be transparent to the user with minimal disruption.

• Ease of deployment: The technology can be transparently deployed across the Internet with no downloads, external equipment or devices
                                     required by users.

• Compatibility: Can be implemented in parallel with current authentication and single sign-on solutions.

• Scalability: The technology is being designed to be deployable and effective across extremely large user populations for enterprise and
                       government applications.

• Cost-effective: Lowest total cost of ownership of all biometric solutions.
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